BBC Strictly Come Dancing: Fans unhappy with latest reveals

The ITV Emmerdale and BBC radio stars were confirmed for Strictly Come Dancing 2023 on Monday.

Actress Amanda Abbington, Bad Education star Layton Williams, broadcaster Angela Rippon, journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy, comedian Eddie Kadi, Irish TV presenter Angela Scanlon and former Love Island star Zara McDermott were all also confirmed in the line-up.

However, the contestants so far have not sat well with viewers of the show.

Follow this link to see the latest reveal.

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Taking to Twitter, Shell fumed: “Okay @bbcstrictly where’s the real lineup? Probably the worst so far. Hope it improves. #Strictly #Strictlycomedancing.”

Big L said: “looking like the WORST lineup ever on strictly – even dancing on ice has better “celebrities”.

Jennifer typed: “Someone tried to say that the year DoI returned after its hiatus. 5 of those celebrities had already been on Strictly“, although another user, Tony, defended the programme, writing: “You lot say the same s**** every year. The last two winners being complete unknowns proves it doesn’t matter if you dont “know” the line up. #Strictly.”

“Never seen or heard of any of them,” Mor said.

Cath Ross was also disappointed: “Presume #Strictly are saving revealing the big names until the end! I have heard of most of them but it’s all a bit underwhelming so far.”

Jason said: “I’m sorry to say I’ve been a strictly come dancing fan since the beginning but I have to say of the celebrities you’ve chosen this year I’ve only heard of 3 of them. Are you sure the others are celebrities.”

Steve wrote: “Whenever you see the announcement of a new Strictly contestant, you can bet your last cent that the first reply will be some smart arse saying “who?”. Just because *you’ve* not heard of them doesn’t mean they’re not well known by others (probably a different demographic to you).”

Lastly, Rocky Roo added: “They could announce Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Scarlett Johansson for Strictly and all the comments would still be ‘Who??? Never heard of them!’”

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