Black Country Living Museum to host ‘Back in 10’ performances

BLACK Country Living Museum’s famous shops and streets are being used as a backdrop to a new set of poignant performances.

Produced by Black Country Touring, five artists have developed contemporary responses to issues that were as prevalent in history as they are today.

Each Friday during August, the artists have performed in a different location, presenting short 10 to 15 minute shows, but on Friday (August 24) audiences will get a chance to see all of the performances during one evening as part of ‘Back in 10’.

Visitors can expect everything from mechanised soundscapes, the appearance of a genie, a promenade-wander blurring time between the present and the past, and a split story encountering contrasting worlds.

The performances have been created by theatre artist Rochi Rampal, Black Country performance poet Dave Reeves, dance choreographer Sonia Sabri, and sound and music designer Pavan Chand, under the direction of Black Country Touring’s Steve Johnstone.

‘Back in 10’ is part of the museum’s ‘Summer Evenings’ programme, with entry to the museum after 4pm on Friday costing £5. To book tickets call 0121 557 9643.

This pilot activity will inform a larger-scale project in 2019, working in 15 shops across the region.

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